PM 1335 Super Perfector & Straight Perfector Dryer
(with remote operator interface)


The PM 1335 can dry sheets in less than 1 hour after printing. It heats both side of a the sheet directly after the last print unit in the printing process.

The PM 1335 Drying System is automatically temperature controlled via PLC and Touch Screen, enabling faster preheat as well as adjustments of temperature air speed, a built-in alarm database, and hour meter. Manual adjust backup is included.


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Other Features

             •Press-mounted Touch Screen control      •Easy to adjust temperatures          •Adjustable air flow via touch screen    

               •Digital temperature read out            •Preheat feature for print-ready operation           •Easy maintenance design  


The increased rate of ink oxidation reduces the amount of spray powder needed.

Quicker drying and less powder will result in a higher quality image and reduced or eliminated marking in the bindery.

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