Pierry Manufacturing, Inc. is focused on supporting the customer with the best possible service and support from the time the product is ordered until the press is replaced.

Pierry Manufacturing is committed to always being there to support our products with knowledgeable friendly staff and trained on-site technicians.

If your maintenance department or electrician needs technical assistance, please contact Pierry Manufacturing, Inc. and one of our in-house service technicians will be glad to help.

45 Rawhide Ridge Dr
Bozeman, MT 59715


Phone: (800) 621-2589

Secondary Line: (406) 585-2200


Fax: (406) 585-2219

For best possible service while using your cell phone please dial (406) 585-2200.

Get in touch

You will not get lost in voice mail. If all our service technicians are busy, you will be able to leave a message with a real person. Rest assured the message will get to the intended recipient. 

The only time you will get voice mail at Pierry Manufacturing, Inc. is after normal business hours.

The emergency number is given with the voice mail announcement, so even after hours we are normally available.

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