Water-Based Coating Drying System

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The advent of water-based coatings has created new challenges to the printing industry. Fast drying water-based coatings provide improved protection and faster turnaround time from the printing press through the bindery to the customer.

The Pierry Manufacturing, Inc. Water-Based Coating Dryer System incorporates state-of-the-art controls giving the operator the ultimate drying system on the market. 

We offer the most technologically advanced water-based coating dryer systems in the marketplace, which incorporate the following features:


         • Color Touch Screen Control               • Easy to read operation              • Auto/manual temperature control

                       • Holds Hot Air and Sheet set temperature to within 1 degree F of operator set point

• Hot Air controlled with thermocouple link to PLC

• Air volume for Hot Air is variable speed controlled via Touch Screen

• Self-diagnostic – if there is a service problem, it will alert the operator and show the error message on the screen

• End Lamp Switching, allows operator to turn off end lamps when running a narrow sheet

• In Automatic mode, lamps automatically adjust to press speed and ink coverage

• Stainless steel dryer construction

• Short Wave Infrared Lamps controlled by camera reading each sheet and linked to PLC

• Short Wave Infrared lamps for maximum ink penetration through coating

• Integral Hot Air with heat source less than 1 inch from exit point

• Sheet control air bars are Anodized Aluminum and direction adjustable in press,
and volume controlled at blower cabinet

• Blower cabinet has collar for easy duct installation by customer.
No confusion on size of exhaust ductwork to run outside the building

• Optional delivery hood available if not supplied by press manufacturer



Pierry Manufacturing, Inc. has the best service department in the industry.

  • Replacement parts available overnight
  • Prompt attention (no waiting on hold)
  • Our service staff stays with you until your issue is resolved
  • For service please call our service number (800) 621-2589

Parts and labor guaranteed for one year on all Pierry Manufacturing, Inc. dryer systems.

All systems are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Quality standards are maintained through ISO compliance.

All control panels are UL listed under UL508A guidelines, insuring safety and quality in every system.

For specific parts, or to order, please contact us