Pierry Manufacturing, Inc. has been committed to delivering
the best high-value products at an affordable price
since 1983.


More than just a drying company

Over the last 30+ years, we have continued to grow without losing touch with our original goal:

Great equipment at an affordable price.

Jim Kell Jr. President at York Graphic Services

“We are very impressed with the Pierry Drying System and the ease of operation.”

-Jim Kell Jr.  (President, York Graphic Services)

Spray-Powder System

The Patented Vortex Sprayer

Our spray powder system is patented based on the Vortex principle.

Air scrubs powder off the roller then sends the powder into the second mixing chamber. This insures the powder is perfectly dispersed onto the sheet, cleaning the delivery of the press is almost eliminated.


NEW Reflectors

for Short Wave dryers

Our new reflectors are for printers using short wave dryers.

The old discolored reflectors absorb the IR waves that are reflected from the paper instead of reflecting them back down into the ink on the sheet. The heater case absorbs the heat instead of reflecting it back down and into the ink, which requires more electrical out put to dry the ink.

The new reflectors are going to continue to reflect the IR short waves back down onto the sheet and into the ink. This will increase the efficiency of the IR Dryer by running on less electrical output. This will also cause the heater cases to be much cooler!


Medium Wave Dryers

Our Medium Wave Dryer Systems are for printers using water-based coating.

Model 1C, up to Model 4CXHA, incorporates state of the art controls, giving the operator the ultimate drying system available.

Digitally controlled, the sheet temperature is monitored and automatically adjusted to the operator's set point.


Super Perfectors

Our Super Perfectors can dry sheets in less than one hour after printing.

It heats both sides of the sheet directly after the last print unit in the printing process.

This system is automatically temperature controlled, with a manual override included.

Short Wave Dryer

Our short wave dryers are for non-water-based coating printers with high pile and some low pile presses running ink and varnish.

This system, equipped with optical camera, will track the press speed and give the operator optimal performance up to full press rated speed.

The system can be custom tailored to individual customer needs at the time of order.

Water-based coating dryer

Water-based coating
Drying System

There's a reason why it's popular.

We offer the most technologically advanced water-based coating dryer systems in the market.

Our fast drying systems provide improved protection and faster turnaround time from the press to the customer.

We have continued to grow without losing touch with our original goal:

Great equipment at an affordable price.

We are continually committed to introducing revolutionary product that increases
the value of production and lowers the cost of offset printing.

Russ Pierry shows Satish Chandna around the Pierry factory in Bozeman, USA at MGE’s visit

Russ Pierry shows Satish Chandna around the Pierry factory in Bozeman, USA at MGE’s visit

“It is fantastic news for MGE to be able to offer Pierry products to our customers. Currently Indian printers are quite limited in regards to well priced quality IR drying solutions for their Presses and Pierry systems are some of the best available."

-Satish Chandna, Managing Director of MGE Graphic Systems

We are committed to safety and quality.

Any product manufactured by Pierry Manufacturing, Inc. is UL approved, from circuit boards to complete systems. Any new upgrade to an existing system complies with UL specifications, assuring not only functionality, more importantly safety.

Bozeman, MT


All products are engineered and assembled at the company's headquarters
in Bozeman, Montana, United States.

All systems shipped from Pierry Manufacturing, Inc. are rigorously tested
under full load to assure complete reliability.

Pierry Manufacturing, Inc. has expanded service and installation capability,
along with new and innovative drying solutions.