The lamps originally installed in your Pierry dryer are rated by
the lamp manufacturer for an average life expectancy of 5,000 hours.
(or about 60 million impressions)

In order for the dryer to dry at optimum capacity, if your system is in excess of this amount of hours you may want to consider lamp replacement.

As the lamp ages, the glass surface through which the infrared light passes to the sheet becomes white or milky in appearance.

Because the glass becomes opaque, some frequencies of the light waves will be blocked from passing through the glass.

This results in less light and less heat being transferred to the printed sheet, and causes the ink to dry less effectively.

This can result in offsetting issues, or the need to increase the sheet output temperature to obtain the same results as when the dryer was new.

When replacing lamps, you may want to consider replacement of the metal reflectors located immediately behind the lamps.

We have changed the design of the reflectors, as a result of extensive testing on how to improve our drying system.

The new reflectors made from a reflective aluminum material have proven to be much more effective than previous designs, and have the following advantages:

Much easier to reach the target sheet temperature
Heater cases run cooler
Drying of the ink is accelerated because the light waves are directed to the sheet
Power usage can be reduced up to 40%


Another positive result of the new reflector material is that the reflectors do not discolor.
As the old reflectors began to discolor, the heat from the lamp was actually absorbed into the reflector rather than directed to the sheet.

Testing over a period of six months was performed, with two different dryers and presses installed at the same location (to eliminate other environmental variables) and approximately the same number of impressions were run on both presses when the reflectors were removed.

If you would like a quote on lamps and/or reflectors, please feel free to contact us through our contact form or call our facility and speak to one of our staff members.

We will be more then happy to discuss this or any other service issues with you!

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